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Mrs B McCavera


Hi i'm  Annie (age 6), I go twice a week to All Stars and its my favorite thing to do. Its great fun, I like doing Burpees the best, and running. Mark is cool and makes everything good fun.

​Maggie Deller

I have been training with All Stars for almost a year now and can say with confidence that i am the fittest i have ever been. The knowledge and expert advice which they offer is second to none. Currently they are helping me prepare for my 1st 'Spartan Race'. They have also given me the confidence to compete and better myself both mentally and physically. I would consider Mark and Jenny not only to be my Coaches but also great friends, as they constantly encourage me to do better in everything, but also not to see failure as a bad thing but something to learn and improve from.


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​marie glover

​annie deller

colin (reidy) reid

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kelly deller

I'm Maggie (age 10), I like All Stars because it is really fun and hard, We always do something new every time, which challenges us all the time.

I have made new friends and look forward to going every week, It keeps me strong to help my Gymnastics and Mark is really helpful and nice.

Inspirational ,Athletic ,Energetic and Fun"- (Primary seven pupils)
Mr McManus provides two oversubscribed after schools clubs in St MacNissi's primary school where transferable skills ,resilience, working independently and as part of a team are core and fundamental.
His professionalism, organizational skills and unique dynamic approach in his coaching technique, affords children with the belief that they can achieve anything-nurturing and developing a positive growth mind-set with a 'can do' attitude. He has skillfully and seamlessly organized our annual Sports Day on a number of occasions as well as various outreach sporting events with carefully scrutinized Risk Assessments and Key management plans in place.
Certainly an"Academy of Excellence" not just in name only but an organization where children can achieve and truly believe that they are "All STARS."

I am a busy mum with three very young children and needed to do something for me. I needed to find 'me' again.
I started training with Mark & Jenny (coaches) at All Stars Sports Academy just a little over a year ago. My goal was simply to be a better version of me; both physically & mentally.
I attend the early morning HIIT sessions & Weight Training sessions. Both are an excellent mix of strength and aerobic workouts that can be tailored to the individuals ability with a strong focus on positive support, enthusiasm and motivation.
The knowledge in this Academy is clear to see. Mark & Jenny have introduced me to a whole new way of training. My overall strength and fitness has improved so much that I am achieving goals that I never thought possible. 
Each work out is a challenge, creative and more importantly fun! They place a high value on correct form with each exercise. They motivate me to push past perceived limits to get results that we all aspire too achieve. My goal now is to remember - "I can & I will"
Would I recommend All Stars Sports Academy? Absolutely!

I have been training with Mark and Jenny for over 10 years. Within this time I have trained for many disciplines with them, mostly being running and cycling and have surpassed my expectations with a few podium finishes in Duathlons. Strength training has always been part of my training, which has stood by me, keeping me strong and injury free. It really is safe to say that each session at All Stars is completely different to the previous one, I often wonder how they can vary things so much making each session a challenge, albeit in a fun and beneficial way!!

They are both continually widening their knowledge and adapting to suit the needs of the individual all while genuinely taking an interest in each client, whether young or old.

All Stars really is a big part of not only my life, but my husband and 2 daughters also.

Keep up the good work guys, i'm excited to be part of All Stars' future and to see what new challenges are ahead of us all.